What it Means to Understand AI

Sean McClure
1 min readJun 6, 2024


Look into a kaleidoscope and you see a world far beyond what was set in place originally.

Constrain a system such that whatever it emits folds back in on itself and you will get creative outputs that far surpass the constraints.

This is why math plus computing goes well beyond the formalisms of math.

This is why arguments that AI cannot reach human level intelligence are faulty.

This is why AI “experts” telling you worry is pointless is as obtuse as AI doomers telling you they know what will happen.

This is why AI is not statistics, or “just predicting the next symbol.”

This is why those who helped invent AI were more involved in its creation than they were/are responsible for how it works.

This is why a life without structure is less free than one with pure autonomy.

Constraints in nature do not define what you get out of the system, they establish a recursive framework that breeds creation.



Sean McClure

Independent Scholar; Author of Discovered, Not Designed; Ph.D. Computational Chem; Builder of things; I study and write about science, philosophy, complexity.