The Worst Time to Learn What You “Learned” in School, Was When you Were in School

Sean McClure
2 min readNov 5, 2023

The worst time to learn what you “learned” in school was when you were in school.

Most people in today’s society, if they saw an adult doing logic, math, science in a coffee shop, would wonder “why they are doing school stuff.”

This reflects the sad structure of modern society that takes the most profound mechanisms discovered through trial (not academics) and “teaches” it to kids who will never use it again.

The scholastic topics deemed most important are not “school stuff” it’s a foundation for how the human mind arranges thought. It’s the invariant truths nature tends towards.

Your life *is* nature. When the driving mechanisms behind the vagaries of life are expressed and anchored on rational thought and known phenomena, one is empowered to reflect, understand and decide.

The human endeavour to contemplate structure and truth is best achieved later in life, when one’s younger self has experienced the trials of existence. When one has filled their life with the context that gives the topics “taught” in school meaning.

Don’t relegate your exposure to humanity’s biggest realizations to the earliest part of your life. You may have grasped some methods to regurgitate knowledge, but you most surely did not learn why any of it matters.



Sean McClure

Founder Kedion, Ph.D. Computational Chem, builds AI software, studies complexity, host of NonTrivial podcast.