Creators Don’t Celebrate “Genius”

Sean McClure
1 min readMar 28, 2024

Creators don’t celebrate “genius” because they comprehend deeply how creation works.

They understand how beautifully unsophisticated the whole process is. How discovery is fueled by naïveté and haphazard adventure.

But 99% of society is not like this. And because they are not like this they place history’s creators on pedestals, worshipping them as “giants” and “legends.”

People’s inability to understand the creative mind elevates creativity to the realm of mysticism. Originality becomes conspiratorial, for surely the brilliance of discovery can be no ordinary act.

But in reality all discovery is perfectly ordinary to the mind that finds instead of follows.

Our world is fashioned against the creator, because almost nobody can believe how typical inventiveness is to those who build.

The employee cannot understand the industrialist. The performer cannot understand the composer. The collector cannot understand the artist.

This is why time or space is required to place people into exalted categories. People must be separate from the lives of the creator to elevate them, otherwise the ordinary truth of ingenuity will smash too forcefully against their belief in prodigy.

Incomprehension is the generator of praised intellect.



Sean McClure

Founder Kedion, Ph.D. Computational Chem, builds AI software, studies complexity, host of NonTrivial podcast.