Books that are Heavily Researched are Disingenuous

Sean McClure
2 min readNov 24, 2023

Books that are heavily researched are disingenuous. They reek of forced reasoning. Their thoughts are bolted together into an uninspiring collection of obvious truths. Their words so overly referenced and certified that they suffocate under their own verbalism. Such works are an abomination to intuition. They trade instinct for convention.

It is in the immediacy of thought where one finds their genuine knowledge. What one says now is what one has lived. Words that strike instantly have settled over time. They contain deep and necessary connections. Why rob your innate ability to convey meaning by attending to some cultured expectation?

When pages are littered with footnotes and scarred with endless bibliographical noise they are not the author’s words, they are sad attempts at feigning erudition. Such work misses the natural cohesion that would have come from revealing one’s introspection.

Stop deifying analysis and inquiry. Let experience counsel your hand. Speak to others as you would to yourself. The greatest articulation is found by the desire to convey what cannot be said with words.

Your pen cannot immortalize thoughts when your mechanism is louder than your mind. History has no reason to remember that which is superficially coherent but profoundly unoriginal.

Tomorrow needs what you have today.

So write it.

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