2 Kinds of Closure

Sean McClure
Apr 17, 2024

There are 2 kinds of closure.

There is exhaustive closure, where arguments are made rigorous and comprehensive by setting boundaries, via structures and operations within a defined set of elements.

There is also intuitive closure, where arguments are finalized, not by pacifying the furnishings of convention, but by their proximity to one’s intuition.

The former rests its case only once the conclusive and irrefutable are established, whereas the latter puts its pen down at the point it sounds or looks right.

You might bring about some narrow notion of truth using the former, but it will lack both profoundness and applicability.

It is work closed by intuition that channels something far beyond the faultless precision of weaker schemes.

Close it by feeling, not by adherence.



Sean McClure

Founder Kedion, Ph.D. Computational Chem, builds AI software, studies complexity, host of NonTrivial podcast.